Student made, Student Run. TEDxDesignTechHS Presents Deep Dive.


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The Team

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The Team

Meet the Team

Aiden Appleby

President of TEDxDesignTechHS

Savannah Flock

Vice-President of TEDxDesignTechHS

Adelyn Chen

Advisor to TEDxDesignTechHS

Jackson Lawrence

Senior Production Manager of TEDxDesignTechHS

Avery Grewal

Producer of TEDxDesignTechHS

Griffin Conley

Marketing & Communications Director of TEDxDesignTechHS

Miriam Brody

Business Manager of TEDxDesignTechHS

Brandon Liu

Curator of TEDxDesignTechHS

Aarya Tulasi

Leadership Director of TEDxDesignTechHS

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Welcome to TEDxDesignTechHS, we are a student-run, student-led TED Event. Our mission is to give moving stories, a stage and the spotlight to shine. We connect the bay area for one night at the FOX Theatre in Redwood City, urging people to get out of their comfort zone and socialize with their community members. This is our third year running, and we are so excited to introduce Deep Dive, our third event under our name. We were started by three amazing Design Tech High School students and since then, everything from speaker curation, to the financial management has been overseen by students. Everyone that you see on our team are students at Design Tech High School in the San Francisco Bay Area. Everyone from first-year Freshman just dabbling in this amazing event to our three year students who dedicate hours on end to this production. This year, we want to continue to pursue our mission to bring spectacular stories into the light--But we also want to give our community the spotlight. The Bay Area is a melting pot of cultures, amazing organizations, and future leaders, and we want to bring everyone together for one amazing night.

This year we have 9 amazing speakers who will captivate, amaze, and entertain all our attendees. Our 3 Hour event will showcase our speakers, but also nonprofit organizations that are impacting the Bay Area. To give some background on Design Tech High School and who we are, In December of 2017, four students (Isabel, Benji, Brandon, Adelyn) from the class of 2020 started TEDxDesignTechHS. They noted a need for student voices to be heard in d.Tech’s ever-shifting culture while finding that d.Tech’s mission statement and the TED mission went hand in hand, thus forming our first TEDx at d.Tech. They saw a possibility to bring the community together for one night at the Oracle Conference Center, connecting our attendees with amazing speakers from both d.tech and across the US. This is our third year running and we are tremendously excited to be able to continue the legacy which was once started by those four amazing students. This year we want to build an event allowing the Bay Area to come together and spend a night celebrating the people who may not be making front-page news but are still changing the world. Our team of 50 amazing students dedicate hours every week to design, develop, and construct every little detail of the event. Our theme this year is Deep Dive. We are diving deep into the stories that surround us, giving them a stage to shine on. As part of the community effort to make d.tech the best high school in the world, we connect our fellow students with hands-on opportunities to put on a groundbreaking event.


Read into how we started all this, an article written from the students perspective.